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Storyboards, Scenarios, Design Personas

“I almost always begin design by talking with users. Initially, my goal is simply to collect people’s stories. I believe that the stories people tell about what they do and how they do it contain information vital to designing good … Continue reading

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What It Is and What You Learn A scenario is a short story about a specific user with a specific goal at your site. Scenarios are the questions, tasks, and stories that users bring to your Web site and that … Continue reading

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Disadvantages of use cases and scenarios

Poor identification of structure and flow Geometric and temporal information hard to describe Unsystematic craft Time-consuming to generate Limited software tool support Handling unforeseen combinations of abnormal events Require the co-existence of prototypes Still poor integration with established methods Difficult to generalise from scenarios … Continue reading

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Use cases and Scenarions

A Use case is a “description of a set of actions, including variants, that a system performs that yields an observable result of value to a particular actor (Jacobson et al. 2000) A Scenario is ” a specific sequence of … Continue reading

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