Task modelling

Task modelling creates some of the most radical shifts in site performance that we see

Task modelling builds on the user requirements we uncover in research and turns them into process flows that match the expected steps and content needs.

Developing a site around a well researched task model can have dramatic increases in the performance of that site. For example, the task modelling work we did for Island Cruises increased online sales by 350% overnight, and took monthly sales from £10,000 to £1,000,000 within a 15 month period.

Showing businesses how they need to support the customer

Task models show where users require iteration around a process. It’s not uncommon for users to want to adjust a shopping cart or quote page based on their specific requirements. This adjusting activity may take seconds or extend out over several weeks depending on the size and complexity of the purchase. Our task models show businesses how they need to support the user through these steps.

Task models help the management, design and development teams understand the process and functionality required to help the user. This helps to align the project team with a single vision for how the site should behave and increases the ability of the team to create a perfected user experience.

Reference: http://www.cxpartners.co.uk/what-we-do/task-modelling/

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