The Things to Do with Requirements

  1. Invent something
  2. Design something to meet the requirements
  3. Market something in the form of requirements
  4. Manage a project to meet the requirements
  5. Choose something to meet the requirements
  6. Find something to meet the requirements
  7. Validate something to see if it meets the requirements
  8. Monitor something to see if the requirements are met
  9. Automatically make or adjust something so that the requirements are met

Over the last decade there has been a move to reduce the level of upfront
requirements work in projects in favour of more agile activities. This
module has already highlighted the limitations of agile requirements
activities. However recent technologies and design advances mean that
requirements will probably have an increased, not decreased role in
future software development projects.
The slide suggests different ways in which requirements artefacts and
requirements-related activities are being used and will be used further
in the future. Previous lectures discussed the role of requirements in
inventing something, designing something and validating something. In
this lecture we touch on some of the other uses, related to current and
future trends in software development.

Reference: Neil Maiden (2011) Requirements Engineering Lecture Notes

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