Generating SR from SD Models

Generating SR from SD Models

The SD model can guide you produce the SR model for each actor, and
to link the resulting SR models together. This slide presents a simple
heuristic that you can apply to a SD model to determine the elements
for the SR model:
IF Actor A is a depender is a dependency relationship in the SD model
THEN the depended-upon element is modelled in Actor A’s SR model
That is, all elements that a depender wants in a SD model must be
included in the SR model for that actor. Thus the SD model provides
elements for a first draft of the SR model, although other elements will
almost always need to be added.
The slide shows a simple example. In the SD model the passenger
buys a ticket through interaction with the web-site – shown with the task
dependency on the left-hand side of the side. The task is a task
undertaken primarily by the passenger actor, because the passenger is
the depender actor. Therefore we can move that task into the model of
the passenger actor, then we can expand on the model with some
simple task decomposition – with sub-tasks to select, pay of and
confirm the ticket.

Reference: Neil Maiden (2011) Requirements Engineering Lecture Notes

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