Contribute-To Soft Goal Links

Contribute-To Soft Goal Links

Contribute-To Soft Goal Links

A Contribute To Soft Goal is a Means End Link with a soft goal as the
end. Since the achievement of a soft goal cannot be clearly defined,
any means end link with a soft goal as the end would be a confusing
concept. This is due to the fact that no means can be specified for the
achievement of a goal (end) that can not be clearly defined.
However, a slightly different kind of relationship link can be defined –
this is the Contribute To Soft goal link. This link represents that a goal, a
task, a resource or a soft goal can be positively or negatively
contributing to the attainment of a soft goal, without ensuring the
The only restriction for the Contribute To Soft goal link is that the end
should always be a soft goal. There are no restrictions for the means,
resulting in the following types of Contribute to soft goal links. The
graphical notation of this link is a curved or straight arrow, where the
arrowhead again points from the means to the end, which always is a
soft goal.
Both positive and negative contributions to the satisfaction of a soft goal
represent different alternative ways of potentially satisfying that soft
goal, as well as some indication of which task better satisfies the soft

Reference: Neil Maiden (2011) Requirements Engineering Lecture Notes

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